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A Bay of Blood (1971) | Mario Bava | Italy

Often considered Mario Bava’s most influential film and the film that started the “slasher” craze, which is still popular. Many fans of the genre consider this the grandfather of the modern slasher film.


A Bay of Blood (1971) | Mario Bava | Italy | Video Nasty 6 of 72

Twitch of the Death Nerve (Ecologia del delitto, also known as Blood Bath, A Bay of Blood and Reazione a catena), is a 1971 Italian horror film. Easily Bava’s most intensely violent film, its emphasis on graphically bloody murder set pieces was hugely influential on the slasher film subgenre that would follow a decade later.

Christopher Lee attended a screening of the film, having expressed an interest in seeing the latest effort from the director of The Whip and the Body, which Lee had starred in eight years before. Lee was reportedly completely revolted by the movie.


My best friend got this piece done yesterday. :-)Its of a fox gazing up at the galaxy. Done by Petra HlaváčkováGuest Artist at Tattoolicious in Honolulu. She’s originally from the Czech Republic. My favorite tattoo artist of all time


when I’m bored I try to sew things

Love this

The ABC’s of Death

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I Spit on Your Grave


Evil Ed

The guy flinching beforehand is killing me

Evil Ed

Evil Ed

The Gravedancers